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The Draft Master Plan for Kodungallur town prepared by the Municipal Council of Kodungallur .in respect of the Local Planning Area consisting of the whole area of Kodungallur Municipality, with boundaries described in the schedule below and a copy of which is attached hereto is hereby published in the official website http://www.kodungalloormunicipality.in of Kodungallur Municipality as per section 36(4) of the Kerala Town and Country Planning Act 20.16 (Act No.9 of 2016). Any person interested in the Plan may communicate in writing to the Secretary. Kodungallur Municipality, any objection or suggestion relating thereto within sixty days from the date of the publication of tn-e Notice of publication of the Draft Master Plan tbr Kodungallur town in the Official Gazette.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Regional settings

Chapter 3. Demography

Chapter 4. Occupational Structure

Chapter 5. Land Use

Chapter 6. Industry

Chapter 7. Trade & Commerce

Chapter 8. Tourism

Chapter 9. Agriculture,Animal Husbandry&Dairy Development

Chapter 10. Fisheries

Chapter 11. Traffic and transportation

Chapter 12. Drinking water

Chapter 13. Sanitation

Chapter 14. Power

Chapter 15. Education

Chapter 16. Health

Chapter 17. Social Infrastruture

Chapter 18. Special Concern Areas

Chapter 19. Environment

Chapter 20. Development administration & finance

Chapter 21. Findings

Chapter 22. Goals and objective

Chapter 23. Development Concept

Chapter 24. Policies and strategies

Chapter 25. Projected requiements

Chapter 26. Proposed land use plan

Chapter 27. Traffic &Transportation Plan

Chapter 28. Sectoral Proposal

Chapter 29. Zoning Regulation

Approved Plans





Annexure 1

Annexure 2

Annexure 3 - Stakeholders

Annexure 3A-Planning team

Annexure 4- Council resolution

Annexure 5 SIC Silpasala Minutes

Annexure 6 Vikasana Seminar Minutes

Annexure 7a Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Annexure 7b Stakeholder Meeting attendance

Annexure 8a Spatial Integration Meeting

Annexure 8a Spatial Integration Meeting minutes new

Annexure 8b-Meeting attendance 11.09.2013

Annexure 9 SPC Meeting photos

Annexure 10 Vikasana seminar photos23042015